Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where's the Coffee????

Saturday morning at the Fiskateer's Nifty Fifty round up came EARLY! I think I had about 8 hours sleep the entire weekend, with about 5 hours on this first night.

We convened in the hotel Ballroom in the morning for a yummy buffet breakfast. We were asked to bring out rolling carts (aka our "horses"), and wear our giant orange hats. Everything moved so fast. We started out listening to a history of the Fiskars company (it's been around for 350+ years!), and then saw an upcoming PBS-type profile that to date had only been seen by 3 people in the company. It was fascinating.

After breakfast, we were split into 4 groups and headed off to our first classes. I walked into my first class and WOW!!!! There were trimmers (yes....that is multiple), a Shape Express Cutter, eyelet setters, templates and and and.......the list keeps going on. I couldn't even fit everything into my "horse".

The class started quickly, and frankly, I think I sat with my mouth agape the entire time. I was barely recovered from the shock of the previous evening's festivities, and now I've hit the scrapbook jackpot!

Holly Ashby led my first class, which was great. More on that tomorrow!

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