Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remember the Orange Hats!

Remember the Alamo is pretty cliche, but I will always remember my visit. And so will a lot of other visitors when a group of 50+ ladies with orange hats swooped down upon this gorgeous site.

Our hotel was just 3 long blocks from the Alamo. We stopped for a scrumptious lunch at the beautiful Menger Hotel.

Everyone asks me, "Isn't the Alamo smaller than you thought it would be?". Well, not really, because a few people told me ahead of time that it was pretty small. I was surprised, however, that it was originally a mission. I thought missions were just a California thing. I guess I need to spruce up on my Alamo history!

The visit was wonderful. The company delightful. Heidi Grace joined us, and she is such a fun person to hang out with!

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