Friday, November 23, 2007

Heading Out - Part I

My roomie and I stayed up until 1 or 2 am packing our suitcases. The trick was to get all of the goodies, including our "horses", into our luggage. We were told to bring an empty suitcase, so I was able to fit all my clothes into a duffel bag, and pack my pillow and goodies into my large suitcase. I then had to pray that it wasn't overweight! But.....more on that in part 2.

Thank goodness Daylight Savings Time ended this weekend, because it bought us an extra hour of sleep. Whew! After a weekend like this, it was necessary.

We gathered in the ballroom once more. The Fiskateer leads, Cheryl, Stephenie and Holly all spoke. They cried. We cried. It was a cry-fest. We listened to several speakers, including representatives from JoAnns and AC Moore.

The morning wrapped up with a small graduation ceremony. We had our pictures taken, received hugs, received a lovely scissors-necklace, and a rose.

Shortly after it was a 50+ person group hug, and then we went our different ways. There were many different flight times. Some went to lunch, some had to catch a shuttle right away. Hisaho, her sister Hiroko and I walked to the Alamo with some others, then walked back through the mall, retrieved our luggage from the bell desk, and relaxed until our shuttle came. We needed our rest, because the adventure at the airport was something else! More on that tomorrow!

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