Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Into The Evening

My first evening in Texas with the Fiskateers was wonderful, and it just kept getting better! The Fiskars team including the lead Fiskateers, Stephenie, Holly and Cheryl greeted us, and Suzanne Walker from Fiskars TV spoke to us. Geno from the Brains On Fire team led us with some quick exercises. We were given scrap goodies and then told to make two different projects right then! It was quite a challenge to work so quickly without my usual hours-to-plan-a-page methods, but I went with the flow and had a great time. We then shared special projects that we made for Fiskars TV. After sharing my project with the group at my table, I stepped out for a few minutes. When I came back, Suzanne was looking thoroughly through my project. She loved it. What a treat!

The entire evening, well, the entire weekend for that matter, was a bit like an infomercial in that each time we thought we hit the jackpot, there was more, "Wait....there's more"!!! After spoiling us with scrap goodies, they brought out large, gallon size mugs. What fun!

From 10pm until midnight (yeah, sleep was NOT a priority), we yakked and visited while finishing up our challenges. Erin Yamabe decided to RAK her wonderful advent calendar that she made for a class at the LSS where she works. Holly took charge of showing off the project, and then announced that one of us would win it. She said "Who wants this?" and of course 50 hands flew up into the air. She then said, "Well, let's see how we'll do this.....I know! Is it anyone's birthday today?". LOL!!! Perfect for me! I kept my hand up and yelled, "YES!" So much for flying under the radar with my birthday! I was delighted to take home Erin's wonderful creation. Everyone sang, "Happy Birthday". I have to admit.....this was one wonderful birthday!

The goodies just kept coming after that. When I returned to my room, my roomie and I each had a beautiful package of scrap goodies from Heidi Grace placed on our beds!

It was an awesome night!

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tinac said...

That is an amazing calander...very fun...making me get some neat ideas.