Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome Dinner - WOW

Fiskars greeted us with a fantastic welcome dinner on our first night. After settling in and meeting my super-wonderful roomie, Kelly Edgerton, I headed down for dinner. Everyone gathered around a buffet area just outside the closed, ballroom doors. Holly and Stephenie (lead Fiskateers) and Carrie (Brains on Fire) were all secretive and wouldn't let us peek in the room. We joyfully visted each other as we quickly met new friends. It was loud and noisy and fun and so exciting!

Finally, the doors opened, and WOW. Each of us had our own Fiskars rolling cart, topped with a large, Fiskars-orange cowboy hat adorned with our Fiskateers number. It was so exciting, and everywhere you looked was a sea of hats!

More tomorrow.....

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