Sunday, November 11, 2007

Off to Texas!

I left for Texas early, early, early Friday morning on November 2. I was so genuinely excited about going to Texas, that I kept forgetting that it was my birthday. I received my first "birthday call" from my good friend, Sandy. My first thought was, "Oh no! What's wrong?". I was surprised to hear, "Happy Birthday!". My kids called me throughout the day, and once again I forgot. Instead I was thinking, "What do these guys want?", LOL!

I met my fellow Fiskateer, Hisaho, at the Oakland airport just prior to boarding the plane. We traveled together, connecting in Dallas. Dallas is a HUGE airport. I guess what they say about Texas (everything is big) is true.

We arrived in San Antonio many, many, many clock hours later. It took us only a few minutes to find other Fiskateers in the hotel lobby, as we recognized each other by our avitars. Upon check-in, we were given a cute orange & green (Fiskars colors) gift bag filled with bottled waters, snacks, some ribbon and ribbon-stiff from Stano Designs (as seen on Fiskars TV), and a beautiful pair of Fiskar scissors with our names engraved on them! Very awesome!

I'll blog later about the rest of the evening, which was fantastic. While I was impressed with the orange and green goody bag, it was nothing compared to what was to come. The evening also held a wonderful birthday surprise for me, but more on that later!

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