Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

On Saturday night, the Fiskateers who brought holiday related projects were asked to share them with Suzanne Walker of Fiskars TV. Suzanne gathered us up and led us to a beautiful and quiet area of the hotel. Suzanne quickly filmed her usual Fiskars TV introduction. I was first in line, and she asked me to sit in the "hot seat". She said, "Tell us your name, your Fiskateer number, where you are from, and a very brief description of your project", and she stepped back. I looked toward Spike, our cameraman, and he said, "Ready.....and....GO". Egads! No rehearsal, no examples, just "Go". And....I went with it! When I was done, Suzanne complimented me saying that I did a great job. Spike said, "You are a natural", and a couple of the other Fiskateers-in-waiting joked about me presenting their projects for them. It was a fabulous experience!

I don't honestly expect my segment to get aired. I felt like my eyes were all over the place (on Suzanne who was off-screen, on Spike, on my project), and I felt like I was speed-talking. OK...I was speed talking! If it's aired, I will be sure to post a link and a new blog for it!

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