Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Um.......What Year is This?

I love online scrapping and galleries. Who better to catch your mistakes than the general public? Ha! This layout was posted in 2 of my online galleries for a day when I got a message from Tina C that basically said, "Did you mean Christmas 2007?", LOL! I had created all my holiday layouts and descriptions with the title, "Christmas 2008". Undo Undo Undo!! Oh, wait, that's for digital only! Thankfully I was able to repair most of the damage (as shown here, but for a chuckle, just refer to the descriptions left in my galleries). I personally blame all the meds and anesthesia still coursing through my system. Hey, that stuff can hang on for months, right? At least that's my excuse, he he he.

Bazzill cardstock (Artic Trio)

Heidi Grace patterned papers, ribbons and embellies

Ranger Stickles Silver and Waterfall

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