Monday, January 21, 2008

Clipboard Calendar

This week I put together a mini-clipboard calendar. This was quite easy to make, and fun to do. The most fun was using the Fiskars craft drill (see those inked bolts at the bottom of the clipboard?). Sure, I could have probably used my Cropadile, but the drill was SO much fun. I like using tools like drills and hammers, even if the newer scrapbook gadgets are easier. There is just something satisfying about hand tools.
This project was first seen on Fiskars TV, on the 11/01/07 episode featuring Leah Fung.
For the list of supplies, check out my gallery:

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catmiller said...

What a surprise! I was googling clipboard calendars when I came across your adorable creation and realized I recognized you from I need to get back on that site . . . You did a fantastic job on your calendar, thanks for sharing!