Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ouch - That's Gotta Hurt

Poor, dumb, sweet BooKitty. For her entertainment, and ours (of course), Santa brought us a light-up squeeze ball. Squeeze the ball, and it lights up with all sorts of colors. Boo enjoys it, or rather she did. Last night Stephen squeezed the ball and placed it on the floor in front of her. She bent over for a sniff, and "wham", it came to life. It scared the beejeebers out of her, and up she jumped, several feet straight into the air (Michael Jordan would have been proud). There was just one itty bitty problem.......she was sitting under the coffee table when she did this. So, what would have probably been a 5 foot vertical jump became an 8-inch abrupt stop with her head. Ouch!

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