Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Fiskars Love was Spread to Me (and, Oh, I'm Back)!

Yesterday I received this GIANT package in the mail. It was filled with all sorts of swap goodies. I recognized the little bags and tags from the monthly Fiskateer's swap. I didn't participate in November, so I figured that it had to be a mistake. As I looked closer, many of the labels had "Mystery Swapper" written on them. It took me a bit to figure out that I was the "Mystery Swapper". Hisaho (my flight companion to/from Texas for the Fiskars weekend) took it upon herself to include me in the November swap. She knew that I was too busy to join in because of my surgery, so she did a little goody bag up for me and labeled it, "Mystery Swapper". What a wonderful gesture! It was fun going through all the goody bags, and the items are of incredible quality! It really made my day, and honestly, I was feeling so much better after receiving that incredible surprise. Yet another example of how the Fiskateers is both an online and offline community, and how people there are genuinely nice and thoughtful.

Of course, I am back from the hospital. This first week has been rough. Lots of pain (sad face). Each day usually brings some improvement, and looking back I can say that I truly feel better now than I did 9 days ago. I felt like a cat the first few days. Eat and sleep, with emphasis on the sleep, LOL! Sleep becomes a bit more elusive, though, as the days go on. There are less drugs in my system, the anesthesia has worked it's way out, but neck stiffness from all of the uncomfortable positions is really setting in. Overall, though, it's good to be home!

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Fiskateer2 said...

Thanks for sharing about your goodies. Wasn't that nice. Wow! Enjoy those yummy scrapping goodies.