Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Dinner ....... Oops!

I couldn't resist grabbing my camera after our (yes....our..... I had help with this one) latest cooking debacle.

Digital kit is Holiday Spirit, designed by Misty Cato.

Journaling reads:


After spending hours working on the perfect dish of sweet potatoes, we open the oven and FLAMES shoot out! The smoke alarm sounded, but the kids merely laughed. They assumed that it was the normal, "mom must be cooking" routine. Terry and I remained calm as we extinguished the flames, wondering if we should tell the kids that this wasn't a drill! in my defense, we have a really sensitive smoke alarm that is precariously located close to our oven. If I set the oven for higher than 375, the alarm sounds off. I just couldn't believe it this time when the alarm sounded, we opened the oven and "whoosh", out shoot flames!! It startled me for a moment, but I stayed calm. It took us over 5 minutes to extinguish the flames. A wee bit scary, but we did laugh once the ordeal was over.

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creativesoul_in_OH @ said...

Wow I would've been very scared. Glad you handled it well.