Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm on Fiskars TV!

Woo Hoo! The Fiskars TV segment that I filmed in San Antionio has "aired". Here is the link:

Look for the "Holiday Show 'n Tell with the Fiskateers" dated 12/14/07 . I'm the first person featured, but if you watch until the end, you will have an opportunity to win some free goodies!

I have to say.....I look gross!!! LOL! At least I can laugh at myself. This is what I look like after 40 hours that includes only 4 hours sleep, 6 classes, 2 tours, a 7am call, my conditioner left at home, humidity that makes everything cling, and a multiple tumors in my belly!! Oh well, I gueess even unwelcome tumors deserve their 15 seconds of fame, too! Now that the tumors are gone, what can I blame my fat tummy on? Hmmmmm........I may have to get creative with this excuse!

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