Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sock It To Poverty

I have the pleasure of being on the Charity Fiskatmittee (another Fiska-word for the Fiska-dictionary) over at the Fiskateer website. This month, our focus is on Poverty Awareness Month, which is reconized in January. We are going to ‘Sock It To Poverty’ and do a Sock Drive for January.

Here are a few Sock facts:

Socks are vital to overall health of those living on the streets.

Socks are often not donated enough and are greatly appreciated by the recipient.

Most homeless and impovershed people do not own shoes that fit properly or
are not in good condition. This increases the importance of socks.

Many people suffer from diabetes and other ailments and they could benefit
from socks with extra support.

Not all shelters accept clean used socks so it’s important when collecting that we collect new socks.

Socks are relatively inexpensive to donate.

There are men, women and children that
live on the streests and all could benefit with a new pair of socks.

More people are becoming homeless due to the downward spiral of the economy
as well as natural disasters.

Here are some things you can do to sock it to

Come join us at the Fiskatateer site and learn where you can send socks.

Deliver socks to a local shelter.

Craft a ’sock box’ to collect socks and create a sign to share where the donations are going and why.

Spread the word at your local scrapbook store and set a date to collect them at
a crop.

How about a “Sock Hop Crop”. Maybe your local scrapbook
store would go for a crop in honor of collecting socks for those in need.

How about spreading the word at ladies groups, church, your local rotary

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