Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BooKitty's 24 Hours of Fame

My precious Boo-Kitty is about to have her long awaited 24-hours of fame! She is the kitty for the December 4 Cat Fancy's Page-A-Day calendar. We are very happy for her, but are concerned that her head might get a bit big .

The random caption on her calendar page cracks me up. It reads, "Punishment in the form of screaming, chasing, striking, or squirting water at a misbehaving cat will only serve to increase the cat's stress, not solve the problem". There couldn't possible be a better caption for BooKitty, as evidenced by the this layout:

By the way............I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving week. We drove down to Southern California to visit our son who couldn't make it home for the holiday. We had a wonderful time, but I'm still trying to catch up!

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Carmen O. said...

What a cute LO! And Congrats to Bookitty star of the family! LOL Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.